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Visitor Star: Sookie and Sadie

Sookie and Sadie are sisters, they got here from PAWS in Findon, West Sussex, UK once they had been seventeen weeks previous.

They each have their issues, Sookie was born with cat flu so has gingivitis and one weeping eye and might sound a wee bit chesty (she additionally doesn’t do sizzling or chilly climate and will get grumpy) and Sadie on account of her brief physique and legs (Sookie is lengthy and leaner) can placed on weight very simply.

Now these women have very totally different personalities for instance each morning Sookie will come upstairs and get below the cover for a fast cuddle and god does she prefer to lick lol and Sadie will wait within the kitchen and yell (she isn’t silly, why waste power strolling upstairs when the meals is within the kitchen) then feeding time, properly on account of Sadie and her pace consuming (Sookie eats slowly) and the very fact she would eat hers and Sookie’s meals, poor Sookie 🙁 we now have to close Sadie and her meals within the lounge till Sookie has completed.

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Sadly Sadie is like this on the subject of something tasty like treats she’s going to barge Sookie out of the way in which and must be reminded it’s Sookie’s flip.

In the case of laps Sadie loves a lap and will provide you with a lick on the hand too, Sookie likes to lie beside you however will raise one leg up so that you could stroke her tummy however when she has had sufficient she’s going to both kick you or hit you together with her paw.

These women are bossy, grasping, loud and know what they need however they’re additionally very loving, humorous and my bosses.

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