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Purrsday Poetry: Princess Tiger Magnificence, Portrait of a Cat

In grandeur so magnificent you stand,

Extra dignified in splendor than a lion;

I muse on pyramids, and on Orion,

And limitless empires misplaced in realms of sand.

An empress gazing over all her land,

And of the Sphynx himself a sacred scion,

You render wonderful something you lie on,

And switch an armchair into one thing grand.

And but, once we first met, you had been a shade:

So scrawny and so heartbreaking and proud,

It crushed my soul. I fed you by the hand,

Till you condescended to my help.

A thoughts unbroken, lofty as a cloud,

And nonetheless uncowed with worlds at your command.

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Written Jan 9, 2015 © Anissa Nedzel Gage, All rights reserved

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