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Catnip Wars – Day 17 The Yowling Competition

Day 17

Wow, what a time I had with Casey this morning! Once I received to the barn she was struggling to pull a full duffle bag up the trail.
-“Whacha doin’, Casey?”
-“I’ve gotta get this as much as the street so I can hitch a experience.”
-“Oh no you don’t! You already know higher than to go by the street! And don’t you ever let me catch you any the place close to the the street!”
-“I’m not going IN the street. Simply by the aspect so I can hitch a experience.”
-“Hitch a experience to the place?”
-“There’s this superior yowling competition occurring up north someplace. I neglect the city, nevertheless it has some biblical-sounding identify.”
-“You assume you’re going to hitchhike to a spot you don’t even know the identify of for a yowling competition?”
-“It’s gonna be epic! Everybody’s going! All the very best yowlzicians are performing. Lenny Catvitz, Bobcat Dylan, The Abyssinian Brothers, Manx….”
-“I don’t care who’s going to be there, YOU is not going to be there!”
-“I’m an grownup cat, Eager. You can not inform me what to do!”
-“Oh, however I AM telling you. You aren’t going wherever. Now let’s see what’s within the duffle bag.”
-“Keep out of my bag! It’s none of your enterprise what I’m taking to the competition.”
-“Properly, have a look at this! Catnip! Baggies and baggies filled with catnip.”
-“Hey! QUIT dumping it everywhere in the floor! The wind is blowing it away! You’re losing it! TIGGY! Come see what Eager is doing!”
-“Tiggy is zoned out within the haymow. I’m guessing you have been planning on promoting these on the yowling competition. Now, the catnip will not be going and neither are you!”
-“However it is going to be the live performance of the century! All of the cats are speaking about it. Everybody goes. I might have made hundreds…”
-“I don’t care what everybody else’s cats are doing. You might be NOT going to that thinly disguised ‘nip fest. I’m going to place you in the home now. And should you attempt to sneak out I’ll lock you in your touring crate! Is that clear?”

Picture for illustration solely. Sourced from free photos by pixabay

I carried her, hissing and scratching, as much as the home. Gave mother and pa directions to not open the door for her below any circumstances. Rt. 20 is filled with VW buses and junker automobiles with peace indicators painted on them, all heading the identical route. I’ve little question any certainly one of them could be joyful to cease and let yet another cat squeeze in for a experience. The place are all these cats’ house owners? Do they even know the place there pets are headed? Not my cat!

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